Join Oran on a musical journey of self-discovery and exploration

Oran is a sonic storyteller who delves into the depths of human experience. With her distinct blend of vulnerability and unwavering authenticity.

Born in Australia and raised in Moray, Scotland, Oran’s soaring vocals and laid-back blues phrasing meets a refreshing delivery of powerful lyrical imagery.

Oran’s songs are bound to capture and captivate your ears and heart.


Set Free – Spring Single 2024

Oran Music Highlands

Join us on this Musical Odyssey

Where each song carries the warmth of newfound hope and the promise of comfort. Embrace the beats, feel the lyrics, and let Oran’s melodies illuminate your path.

Oran Music Highlands

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Discover the inspiring story behind Oran’s Rebellious Rebirth song collection

Welcome, dear readers, to the melodious world of Oran! Today, we invite you to dive into the inspiring narrative that birthed the transformative album, Rebellious Rebirth. Let’s rewind to a moment when life for Oran seemed dark and purposeless.

Picture this – a year ago, Oran found solace in a bubble bath after leaving work early, grappling with the overwhelming sense that change was imperative. “I can’t go on like this,” thought Oran, and in that vulnerable moment, a creative spark ignited.

Armed with a pen and notepad, Oran initially set out to draft a rescue plan but, to our delight, stumbled upon a different form of expression – song lyrics. The list transformed into a melody, and Oran found comfort in singing. The album’s first single, “Falsely Faithful,” was born during that cathartic bath.

BBC Introducing Oran
Oran Music in the Highlands

With a Renewed Passion forSongwriting, Oran made it a Daily Practice

By summer, a collection of songs emerged, prompting a call to friend and music producer Gerry Diver. Despite a decade-long hiatus from the professional music scene, Oran’s unique sound captivated Gerry, who suggested adding big beats to the mix.

The collaboration began remotely, bridging the distance between London and Oran’s garden studio in Moray, Scotland. As the musical pieces fell into place, Rebellious Rebirth took shape. Oran knew that 2024 was the opportune time to reintroduce the world to her music.

Oran Music Highlands

Now, as we Step into the Dawn of 2024, Oran is filled with Newfound Hope

The intention behind each song is clear – to bring hope, comfort, and light to the listener. The album is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of creativity.

Join us in celebrating this musical odyssey, where each note is a step towards self-discovery. Feel the beats, immerse yourself in the lyrics, and let Oran’s melodies be the soundtrack to your own rebirth.

Here’s to 2024 and the promise of a brighter tomorrow through the harmonies of Rebellious Rebirth.

With gratitude for this precious human life,


Oran Music in the Highlands

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